Originally issued to members of the Regiment who qualified in their trade beginning in 1995. There have been many former soldiers who wanted to get one but had left the Regiment.

One member of the Regiment could challenge another to make sure they had their coin. If they didn't then the loser bought the beer.

This coin is identical to the ones given to soldiers except for the numbering. The V-Series of coins is for Veterans and Regimental Family members. There is a similar C-Series coin that is awarded by Council for service to Council and the Regiment. Only the V-Series of coin may be purchased. It can be used as a replacement for a lost Regimental coin or for anyone who was a former member or a member of the broader Regimental Family as a way to show your support and allegiance. Coins will be issued as purchased. requests for specific numbers are not encouraged.

All potential purchasers are cautioned that we will be posting a list of the coin number, name. rank (if any) and declared affiliation on the QYRang.ca website as a means for anyone to look up the members and coin number.  By your purchase you are consenting to have your name and affiliation displayed on the list. Please indicate how you wish your name, rank and affiliation noted (eg NCM 1983-92 or Band 2001-2013) in the rank and affiliation box on your order.

Regimental Coin

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